Why Crosbie House?

Crosby House Society

Crosbie House works with struggling addicts over the age of 18. Aside from its history and legacy what sets Crosbie House apart is the energy and enthusiasm that permeates this remarkable healing centre.

You’re worth the best
At Crosbie House “The client and the treatment of the addiction can always come first”

  • 3 out of 4 clients are abstinent from their addiction one year after treatment.
  • 99+ % Client satisfaction-program, staff, food, comfort, facility, location
  • 3 decades of experience helping men and women rebuild their lives
  • Crosbie is not distracted in a quest for profits or government subsidies.

What you will experience
The end of a nightmare

  • Respect, compassion and understanding from experienced addiction professionals with personal insight into the disease of addiction.
  • Group seminars, videos and discussion
  • Individual counseling
  • Medical consultation & seminars by our Board physicians
  • On-site and on-line recovery seminars and meetings

What you will find 
A refuge from the chaos of life in addiction

  • A relaxed and comfortable environment in a private and contemporary setting
  • Great food in abundant quantities
  • Central air and heat exchange system
  • Cable, internet and telephone access

Crosby House SocietyWhen you leave 
Hope & Tools for a better life in recovery

  • Tools and a plan for sustained recovery
  • 24 hour help line
  • Periodic support calls by counselors
  • Contacts in the recovering community
  • Quarterly relapse prevention and family seminars
  • Weekly alumni meeting and biannual Alumni reunions
  • Webcast recovery meetings

Getting Started 
Recovery from addiction begins with your call to 1-866-681-0613

  • Confidential pre-admission interview within 48 hours or less
  • Expedited admission if requested

We Believe…

A quality addiction treatment program is important not only because it will increase your chances of success but because a poor one may sour you on treatment permanently. This is what we believe makes Crosbie House the addiction treatment centre of choice for physicians, pharmacists, corporations, organizations and the majority of Atlantic Canadians. At Crosbie House we base our treatment on the state and needs of each client, not on tests that have no proven relevance to recovery.

  • We believe in a medical approach to addiction. It is a disease and clients need to be treated with respect, understanding and compassion.
  • We believe 12 step recovery is still the most successful approach and clients should benefit from in-house and community recovery meetings.
  • We believe four weeks is the minimum for adequate treatment time. We will not follow the trend towards shorter 14 and 21 day programs often motivated by spiraling medical costs or what governments and insurers are willing to pay.
  • We believe our status as a private not-for-profit organization allows us to put clients and their recovery first… ahead of staff convenience and financial considerations.
  • We believe a combination of experienced staff in recovery and certified professionals yield the best outcomes.
  • We believe a good program emphasizes the importance of “significant others” in the recovery process and offering complimentary programming is vital.
  • We believe in the power of diversity where clients can bring different experiences, knowledge & vitality

Staffing profile

Our program is delivered by ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) and CSAM (Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine) certified physicians, seasoned addiction counsellors with personal insight into the disease of addiction, an aftercare specialist, family programs co-coordinator, contracted professionals in acupuncture, painting therapy, nutrition and personal finance. Clients also benefit from alumni volunteers who share their journey from active addiction to a new life in recovery.

Gen Campbell M.D.

Gen is exam-certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and a highly respected physician working with the addicted population. She is a Crosbie House Society Director and advocate for abstinence based treatment. She was the founder and for 11 years the coordinator of the Professional Support Program of the Nova Scotia Medical, Dental and Veterinary Medicine Associations, working with addicted professionals. She has provided contract services for Capital Health Addiction Prevention and Treatment, worked with recovering addicted persons in her practice and led community and business seminars on addiction. For 25 years Dr. Campbell has worked to help any addicted person who wants help. She says, “Here and now I am committed to welcoming and working with you.”

David Saunders M.D. David trained as a general practitioner and worked as a family doctor for 25 years. His professional work is now entirely devoted to the addiction field. David is a Crosbie House Society Director, medical consultant for Crosbie clients and advocate for abstinence based treatment. He also works at Direction 180, an inner city opiate replacement facility in Halifax, and the Annapolis Valley and Truro opiate replacement programs. Dr. Saunders also serves as medical staff at the Detoxification and inpatient treatment program for Addiction Services of Capital District Health Association and as a consultant for the IWK Choices Addiction and concurrent disorders program. Dr. Saunders is a member of the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine.

Jim Rafferty M.D.

Jim presently has a rural medical practice as a family practitioner on Nova Scotia’s south shore.  He has been a family practitioner in the Annapolis Valley, is a past Medical Director at the former Crosbie House location and Valley Regional Hospital Detox Program, and four years of addiction counseling. From a personal perspective, he lives in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.  Presently he serves our Crosbie clients as a medical consultant and supports the treatment direction for our abstinence based program.

Molly MacLean, Program Manager

Molly has a Bachelor of Sociology from St. Francis Xavier University and a High Honors Diploma in Social and Human Services majoring in Addiction. Molly is a compassionate and supportive counselor that is socially relatable and brings a youthful insight to Crosbie House. She works with our residents in both group and as a primary counselor and assists them in developing coping skills they will take with them into a rewarding life of recovery. Molly has a personal understanding of co-dependency and the effects of the disease of addiction on family members. She is the coordinator of Our Family Program which showcases her passion of reconnecting the family unit in recovery.

John Fuller

John joined Crosbie in 2009 as an addiction counsellor well versed in culture and consequences of drug use and abuse. His background in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, community justice and addictions education in Canada’s far north gives John an authentic understanding of the transformation process from hopelessness to hope and recovery. In addition to his counselling duties, John organizes our on-line relapse prevention seminars and speaker meetings. He also initiated and posts daily to the Friends of Crosbie private Facebook site.

Angela Fischer

Angela joined Crosbie in 2015 as an addiction counselor.  She has a High Honors Diploma in Social and Human Services majoring in Addiction.  Originally from Ontario, she relocated to the Annapolis Valley and made Nova Scotia her home.  Angela is a supportive and compassionate counselor treating clients with dignity, respect and provides tools for the clients to meet their potentials.

Dennis Conway

Dennis’ remarkable journey of recovery brought him to field of addiction treatment with the Nova Scotia Health Authority. Over the years he has nurtured an impressive list of contacts of people in recovery willing to work with new Crosbie clients. As aftercare co-ordinator, he makes more than 50 follow up calls a week and yes; home visits to new alumni. Dennis possesses a unique ability to connect with clients and is often the first person mentioned by alumni when asked about Crosbie.

Crosbie House Board of Directors

The Board of the Crosbie House Society is populated with professionals possessing wide ranging skills and expertise. Some are Crosbie House graduates, some are not. These people guide the direction of Crosbie house on a volunteer basis for no financial remuneration of any kind. It again exemplifies that the sole purpose of the Society is to help addicted people and their families heal.