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The first step is to meet with one of our physicians who has personal insight into addiction and the challenges faced by professionals.

We recognize the high expectations and licensing risks. Addiction is progressive and terminal so more often than not a key to maintaining or regaining your professional standing and regaining your life is to enter a treatment program.

If you think you have an addiction you are not alone. Between 8-12% of professionals have an addiction. We are reaching out because most professionals do not seek treatment, often finding it difficult to move from being a care giver to the person needing help.

The Crosbie Program has helped many health care professionals recover from alcohol, gambling and drug addiction and regain their lives.

The Crosbie program incorporates many services including group work, mental health, spiritual, family, wellness services and individual counseling. Through ongoing sessions with the program physician clients can address issues related to professional practice. The length of stay is 4 weeks. Clients leave with an aftercare plan; appropriate contacts in the recovering community, a 24/7 help line and free access to Crosbie’s quarterly family and relapse prevention seminars and monthly webcasts.

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Crosbie is the treatment centre of choice for most of Atlantic Canada’s largest employers.

Our Cornerstone Partners include Michelin N. America (Canada Inc.), Scotia Investments Group of Companies, Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation, John Risley &, Clearwater Fine Foods, Membertou First Nations, Millbrook First Nations and the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia.

Organizations have an obligation to the safety and well being of employees, customers, and the public and can only remain competitive with a healthy workforce.. Our partners and supporters understand the disease of addiction and care about their employees and community.

Partnership Benefits

Crosbie House Society works with its corporate supporters in a way that recognizes partnerships carry responsibilities that aren’t necessarily attached to donations. We act as resource for employee or member information, assessment, consultation, treatment and follow-up. Several of our participating organizations have elected to use Crosbie as an independent 3rd party and refer requests for information on addiction treatment directly to Crosbie.

The return on investment is huge.

The return on saving a life is immeasurable.

  • Employee/manager education & awareness
  • Timely assessment and treatment
  • Aftercare support for client and family
  • Progress reports on request
  • Partners

Send a message to your employees- become a Crosbie partner

We guarantee an assessment within 48 hours and admission is normally within a week. We include post-treatment aftercare, family and relapse prevention seminars, recovery webinars and follow-up reports.

Scotia Investments Group of Companies, Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation, John Risley &, Clearwater Fine Foods,Membertou First Nations, Millbrook First Nations, Michelin North America (Canada Inc.) and the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia.