The recovery treatment program at Crosbie House focuses on the mending of the mind, body and spirit. Over the course of four weeks our clients participate in one on one sessions with addiction specialists and physicians as well as being involved in extensive group therapy sessions. Clients are also introduced to and participate in 12 step recovery meetings. Recovery meetings such as these have been the back bone of addiction recovery in North America and the world since the 1930’s. Many of the Crosbie House staff are recovered and know the value of these meetings first hand. After the four weeks are over our clients leave with a clearer mind, more healthy body and re-kindled spirit. From there our after care program and the vast network of Crosbie House alumni take over and guide our newest Crosbie House members through the transition into a life free from active addiction.

AddictionCrosbie House Society

Addiction is using too much again and again, not being able to stop when you want to, hurting others when you don’t want to. And yes we can stop it all.

Addiction and Recovery

Addiction is a disease of the brain. Addiction is not due to a moral failure or lack of willpower. The first time a person gambles, takes drugs or alcohol, it is by choice. But over time, with continued use, the substance or behavior can “hijack” the reward system in the brain and destroy a person’s ability to make good choices and control their behaviour. The good news is just as the brain molded itself around addiction, with treatment, time and continuing commitment to abstinence it can be molded around recovery. Treatment at Crosbie provides tools and a context for clients to learn new ways of living without alcohol, drugs or gambling. Aftercare for the individual and programs for family members lay the foundation for sustained abstinence and a much richer and happier life.

The Canadian and American Societies of Addiction Medicine

“The disease (addiction) creates distortions in thinking, feelings, and perceptions which drive people to behave in ways that are not understandable to others around them,” says the past president of the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine. “Simply put, addiction is not a choice.” The Medical Society considers addiction a brain disease with addictive behaviours the result of the disease, not the cause. Choice does play a role in getting help however. “Because there is no pill which alone can cure addiction, choosing recovery over unhealthy behaviours is necessary” he says. The past president of the American Society adds, “So, we have to stop moralizing, blaming, controlling, smirking at the person with the disease of addiction and start creating opportunities for individuals and families to get help.photos_of_People_and_Nature_JD002a-1024x768

Dr. Campbell

– ABAM (Certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine) Crosbie House Board of Directors Perspective on Addiction:

“Once use becomes chronic and excessive, PERMANENT brain changes are hardwired making reuse nearly inevitable. Only complete abstinence and an understanding of this disease process and its permanence, as well as retraining in a lifestyle where satisfaction comes from new more healthy sources can free the individual from the inevitable and deadly consequences of his/her addiction.” The Crosbie Program has been successful in helping people start this amazing journey to recovery for more than 3 decades. As a Director on the Crosbie House Board and consulting physician, I have the privilege of helping people leave behind the misery of addiction and begin a new life.

Withdrawal Management

If you require withdrawal management (detoxification) call Crosbie at 1-866-681-0613 to discuss your specific situation and arrange an appointment with one of our Physicians for an assessment. Safety in the detoxification process is the primary objective and In some cases a medically supervised detox is the prudent option.

The Program

Addiction changes the brain in fundamental and long-lasting ways. Recovery is real and sustainable for a lifetime when you understand the nature of this disease. With more than 3 decades of experience we do and you can too.

We believe the key behavioural changes to find sustained recovery is; honesty and breakdown of the denial system; recognition of the need for change; acceptance of the tools for change and willingness to utilize these tools on a daily basis.

Crosbie’s comprehensive service offering includes assessment, counseling, treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare planning and follow-up. The treatment approach is about treating the disease and supporting the development of the “whole person” – physically, psychologically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Our program combines intensive treatment with relapse prevention, family care and lifelong alumni programs to address all aspects of the disease of addiction.

The cornerstones of our program are individual and group counseling, with counseling specific to each client’s drug or behaviour of choice; psycho-educational video study and discussion; workbook activities & seminars to introduce the steps to recovery; in-house and community recovery meetings ; familiarization with post treatment resources, including resources specific to family-related addiction issues; and relapse prevention support.

Our seasoned counsellors have extensive experience treating all forms of addiction amongst a diverse population. Many of our providers have faced the disease of addiction themselves – bringing with them a deep and authentic understanding of the continuous journey of recovery.

The rigorous core program content is delivered from Monday through Friday. Week-ends are time to rest and practice new behaviours. Activities include time for discussion, assignment completion, an Alumni meeting, exercise and relaxation. In all cases a weekend plan is developed with the primary counsellor and can include a home visit after the second week.

Crosbie House SocietyFamily Programs

From Chaos to Coping:

We at Crosbie believe that addiction is a family disease and that recovery is possible for the addict as well as the entire family. We offer education, support, and recovery tools for the family to improve their lives and coping skills in dealing with one another.

We provide a weekly Family Group as well as one on one counselling for family members. This is an opportunity to gain education and insight into the addiction process from the addicts perspective as well as the family’s.

The Family Group follows our program’s theme of the week but can accommodate any area which the family would like to explore. Concerned others are welcome to this program. Our Family Program is very helpful for all parties to understand the process of addiction and recovery.

We are now offering Skype as a means of staying connected with the Family Program and can be an option for those at a distance.

We also host a Family Workshop all day Saturday every three months. With the support from one of Our Certified Physicians and selected community resources, our Family Program Staff provides a factual and insightful look at the disease of addiction from the family’s point of view.
Participation in the Family Programs is beneficial in several ways:

It allows the counsellors to gain insight from the family dynamics allowing for positive changes on how to move forward in their shared recovery.
It encourages clients to continue with their recovery with the knowledge their families are moving along a common path
It is an opportunity for you to learn how the entire family is affected by the disease of addiction.
Clients and family members are given the opportunity to meet with a counsellor to help facilitate a healthy communication process which can ease the transition back into a healthy lifestyle.
Join us and gain valuable knowledge about this disease, receive tools to cope with situations and find love, respect and support from others who understand and care.

Continuing Care

Clients who follow their agreed upon “recovery prescription”, attend 12-step meetings and work with a sponsor are twice as successful in achieving long term sobriety as those who attend treatment alone.

Addiction is a lifetime condition. Upon successful completion of the 28 day residential program you will receive periodic calls from addiction staff and be encouraged to use the 24 hour toll free number. You will be connected to 12 Step community support, by means of Crosbie’s extensive network of people throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond who have maintained abstinence and who are willing to work with newly recovering individuals. You will be encouraged to attend Crosbie alumni workshops and events which offer year-round opportunities to learn, to grow and make friends in recovery. These include our relapse prevention workshops, seminars for families, addiction in the workplace seminars, the annual Crosbie picnic and our on-site 12 step meetings and family consultation nights.